Loving Kids’ Lit!

Team ATeam A mid contest!

So we didn’t win, but we had a lot of fun!

Congratulations go to CNS, who won the 2017 Norfolk Heat and will go on to the UK final in London. We will keep our fingers crossed that, even if it’s not Wymondham this year, a Norfolk High School will go on to represent the UK in the world finals.

30 teams from around Norfolk took part in this year’s Kids’ Lit Quiz Norfolk Heat. It was a very hard fought and close-run quiz (only four points separated the top three teams!) Team A: Amelie, Abigail, Delphi and Imogen came 11th, Team B: Gideon, Amelia, Eleanor and Scarlet came 12th with Angelica and I cheering them on from the sidelines. We don’t need many excuses to read more but with the World Final next year to be held in Singapore, I guess we just found one more!


An act of kindness


The Equality Committee meet in the library every Thursday and I am delighted to promote their latest activity.

Inspired by the “One Small Thing” campaign and similar programmes, the committee is collecting donations of feminine hygiene products to gift to local women’s shelters over Christmas. The group have seen a fantastically positive result so far but are looking forward to gifting as much as they can over the holiday – a simple thing to do that will mean a great deal.

The Haunting Happened!

Zombie Run2: Haunted High School took place on Halloween evening and more than 80 students took part in the creepy school shenagegans. Crawling through the darkness of the first room proved too much for some runners and they skipped ahead to the walkway, cobwebs, and coffin before meeting the evil twins. Those who escaped the clutches of the zombie Clown in Middle block had to then make it past the Doll, the Killer, the Butcher and the Gate Keeper all while avoiding our mini zombie hoard. A real treat for those who wanted a scare and almost certain to gain a sequel next year…

The only question left is really, please tell me – why does the school have a coffin??




Happy Holidays!

Half term already and it feels like the school year is flying past.

Every year 7 and year 12 student has been in for an induction and our Library Assistants; Charlotte, Ben, Alex, Ellie and Katie are really getting into their roles – supporting the students and keeping the library running even on the busiest days.

When we get back it’s almost straight into the Zombie Run and then Costa Book Award Shadowing and Harry Potter Night will take place all before the next break, when for many students the revision kicks in for the new year Mocks. (Sorry but it had to get a mention!)

Today, had you been in school you may have spotted me smuggling bodies into North Annex  – possibly one of the strangest things I’ve done since starting at Wymondham but then it is nearly Halloween!


Not just for students…

Today the library hosted a group of teaching and student support staff all keen to find out how the library supports students and staff.
It was great to talk about some of the some of the fantastic resources the library has – including access to the Churchill Archive, Newspapers For Schools and RNIB Bookshare (see links for links!) as well as hundreds of links to useful websites and articles to support independant study, research and EPQ.

And of course – I ended on a joke…

Librarian jokes

Monster with Michael Grant

14 students were lucky enough to go to a neighbouring high school to meet internationally best-selling author Michael Grant.

Michael was talking about his experiences in life as well as in writing. While “Not a role model” there was certainly a great message in what he said about never giving up on your dreams and beliving that it’s never too late to change your life.

Author of well over 150 books his latest is Monster, a return to the universe and superpowers of the Gone Series. Michael was careful not to give to much away but hinted that several characters from the well loved series would be making an appearance in this new trilogy. Another great addition to the library that I can’t wait to read!


ZombieRun 2

As the clocks go back and the nights draw in. With Halloween just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with a Zombie Run around our favourite Haunted High School?

Yep, the event we said we would never do again is back.

Rather than ‘run’, students will be creeping, terrified, through the darkness following a spopoky route around the school and encountering a host of costumed characters. There will be an element of puzzle solving and participants may get a little messy in places…

The library volunteer team putting this one together have great hopes that this will prove a night to remember!

Zombie Run2

Kicking It with Mitch Johnson

We were thrilled to welcome Mitch Johnson to introduce some of our year 7 to his debut novel, Kick.

The tale of Budi, a young boy working in a sweatshop in Jakarta who dreams of making it as a professional footballer was heartbreaking and hope-filled in equal measure. Mitch spoke not only about his inspiration and experience writing the book but challenged students to think about where their clothing comes from and just where the money goes.

An interactive event, which included a race to put together football boots, this talk was fun as well as thought-provoking and many students left with a signed copy of the book which of course can now be borrowed from the library!

Autumn Update

So the new term is underway and after a busy start things are starting to settle down here in the library. This leaves time of course to plan for the term’s events: an author visit here and one in Norwich, our second Zombie Run (I know, we swore not to do it again but we are at school on Halloween this year so it really has to happen…) and not one but TWO Harry Potter nights to keep up with demand and to give our younger potter-heads a fair chance at the snitch!

Look out for more updates on those events as we get closer to them and in the meantime – keep reading! Image result for Harry potter reading