Alex Bell Interview

Alex Bell

Today Mrs Perchard’s year 8 English class (and a few specially invited super-fans) interviewed author Alex Bell via Google Hangouts. Sadly it is not always possible for our favourite authors to come to see us so getting the chance to chat to Alex online was a brilliant opportunity.

The students asked a wide variety of questions about her writing, her life as an author and of course, about her cat!

The full video is available on the school YouTube account here:

Thanks to some brilliant technical support we will be looking at doing this kind of author visit again – taking suggestions now!



Award Winner’s Announced!

At 7:30 last night, the category winners of the Costa Book Awards were announced [the overall winner of Costa Book of the Year will be decided on 30th January].

Katherine RundellWinner of the Chilren’s Book Award – Amazonian adventure “The Explorer” by Katherine Rundell.

The Costa prize has five categories:

Children’s Book
First Novel

For a full look at all of the winners and their books check out the link below:

New Year’s Read-olution!

Reading Challenge

Here in the library we know what the research proves – that reading is one of the best things that you can do. Reading for pleasure has so many powerful positive outcomes: Reading impacts your health and wellbeing, intellectual, personal and social success.

With all this in mind, my New Year’s Resolution for 2018 will be to read more (same as last year’s resolution now I think of it!)

This year I will be trying to read 100 books and using the free Goodreads App to track how I’m getting on and rate the books that I read. You can follow my progress as WHATLibrarian at

Better still – why not set yourself a similar challenge?


Harry Potter Night

Harry Potter Night 4

The fourth annual Harry Potter Night has now taken place and it was victory for team Cornish Pixies with a very respectable score of 84 out of 99 possible potter points.

44 teams competed for the prize – a very glittery Tri-Wizard Cup and it was a close run, right up to the tie break at the end between the Pixies and the Heirs of Hogwarts.

The event could not have run without the amazing volunteers; staff, students and adults who help every year to make this a real stand out event on the library calendar.

With many people already asking about the next one and some brilliant feedback from this it looks like HP5 next December will have a decidedly Ministerial feel…

Loving Kids’ Lit!

Team ATeam A mid contest!

So we didn’t win, but we had a lot of fun!

Congratulations go to CNS, who won the 2017 Norfolk Heat and will go on to the UK final in London. We will keep our fingers crossed that, even if it’s not Wymondham this year, a Norfolk High School will go on to represent the UK in the world finals.

30 teams from around Norfolk took part in this year’s Kids’ Lit Quiz Norfolk Heat. It was a very hard fought and close-run quiz (only four points separated the top three teams!) Team A: Amelie, Abigail, Delphi and Imogen came 11th, Team B: Gideon, Amelia, Eleanor and Scarlet came 12th with Angelica and I cheering them on from the sidelines. We don’t need many excuses to read more but with the World Final next year to be held in Singapore, I guess we just found one more!

An act of kindness


The Equality Committee meet in the library every Thursday and I am delighted to promote their latest activity.

Inspired by the “One Small Thing” campaign and similar programmes, the committee is collecting donations of feminine hygiene products to gift to local women’s shelters over Christmas. The group have seen a fantastically positive result so far but are looking forward to gifting as much as they can over the holiday – a simple thing to do that will mean a great deal.

The Haunting Happened!

Zombie Run2: Haunted High School took place on Halloween evening and more than 80 students took part in the creepy school shenagegans. Crawling through the darkness of the first room proved too much for some runners and they skipped ahead to the walkway, cobwebs, and coffin before meeting the evil twins. Those who escaped the clutches of the zombie Clown in Middle block had to then make it past the Doll, the Killer, the Butcher and the Gate Keeper all while avoiding our mini zombie hoard. A real treat for those who wanted a scare and almost certain to gain a sequel next year…

The only question left is really, please tell me – why does the school have a coffin??




Happy Holidays!

Half term already and it feels like the school year is flying past.

Every year 7 and year 12 student has been in for an induction and our Library Assistants; Charlotte, Ben, Alex, Ellie and Katie are really getting into their roles – supporting the students and keeping the library running even on the busiest days.

When we get back it’s almost straight into the Zombie Run and then Costa Book Award Shadowing and Harry Potter Night will take place all before the next break, when for many students the revision kicks in for the new year Mocks. (Sorry but it had to get a mention!)

Today, had you been in school you may have spotted me smuggling bodies into North Annex  – possibly one of the strangest things I’ve done since starting at Wymondham but then it is nearly Halloween!